Re: Remapping keyboard shortcuts

On Mon, 1 Oct 2012 13:55:17 +0200 Marco wrote:
Down = ctrl-j; down
Up = ctrl-k; up

But unfortunately <CTRL-j> prints the file name on the console and
<CTRL-k> does nothing. How can remap the keys?  

Any thoughts on this? Or is it that obvious that no one dares to
respond? Any help appreciated. Thanks

I'm not familiar with terminal setup, but seems ctrl-j cannot be used in mc
because it is intercepted by terminal. Terminal gets ctrl-j and sends NL to the
program. You can play with stty program to set/unset input flags (see man stty
for details) but you will not get success.

ctrl-k is used in command line:

DeleteToEnd = ctrl-k

Command line has priority over panel. If you want use some key bindings in
panel you must unbind that keys in the [input] section.


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