Re: disable mouse sort order? (Joe(theWordy)Philbrook)

alias mc="mc -d"
alias mcm=/usr/bin/mc

Or instead of mcm, 'mc' (quotes included) for an unaliased mc command.
Works both in bash and tcsh.

I didn't realize that quoting a command disables any defined alias...

It's a good thing to know, but for my purposes mcm is easier to type, and
helps me to remember why I aliased mc in the first place. I had actually
considered using "alias mcme=/usr/bin/mc" which would stand for
"mcMouseEnabled", but I decided three keystrokes were enough... ;-7

FreeBSD used to have midc set up driving a script that drove mc after
doing other stuff, so I used that.

Spent over a day using mc -d and no crashes yet. An unexpected benefit
is that now I can copy from mc's viewer instead of having it go
berserk when I click in it.

Well, this is a Dell 24" widescreen monitor which I use at it's native
1920x1080 (HDTV) resolution.  I put a screenshot at so people can see why I'd want
to click in a window to shift the focus.  I have it at arm's length
and wear my reading glasses.  I can read the smaller rxvt windows, but
shift +/- (after clicking in them) zooms them up and down.  I can have
them all small then zoom the one I want to work in.

Maybe one approach would be to have the window manager consume the
first mouse click in a window when that mouse click is in an unfocused
window.  I wouldn't be surprised if fvwm can be set to do that, in the
window styles, but I haven't looked into it because I just thought of


Credit is the root of all evil.  - AB1JX

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