Re: disable mouse sort order?

It would appear that on Apr 28, Alan Corey did say:

I think its great that its there, but is there way way to turn it off
other than starting mc with mc -d?

Most often I'm just clicking in a window to give the window the focus,
and at least once a day I click the wrong place and mess up the sort
order.  I try to not click column headings anymore, but it still
changes.  An option to disable this in settings would work best for

If _MOST_ of the time your only clicking to restore focus, and you would
consider disabling mouse support in a configuration file, have you tried
setting an alias in your ~/.bashrc {or equivalent} file???

Mine says:

alias mc="mc -d"

Now I don't need to remember to type the -d part. And for those rare
occasions when I actually do want enable the mouse support, my .bashrc also

alias mcm=/usr/bin/mc

Works for me...

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