re: disable mouse sort order?

 I think its great that its there, but is there way way to turn it off
 other than starting mc with mc -d?

 Most often I'm just clicking in a window to give the window the focus,
 and at least once a day I click the wrong place and mess up the sort
 order.  I try to not click column headings anymore, but it still
 changes.  An option to disable this in settings would work best for


I have nothing good to say about starting MC with the -d option and highly reccomend recompiling. Disabling mouse support will still allow gpm copy/paste functions while not operating in a GUI.

If you wish to avoid rebuilding MC for the time being, I have found simply rolling the mouse wheel will bring the focus back to whichever window you are hovering over, even over the task-bar, usually without disturbing the cursor.

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