Re: disable mouse sort order?

On Sat, 28 Apr 2012, Alan Corey wrote:

To: mc gnome org
From: Alan Corey <alan01346 gmail com>
Subject: disable mouse sort order?

I think its great that its there, but is there way way to turn it off
other than starting mc with mc -d?

Most often I'm just clicking in a window to give the window the focus,
and at least once a day I click the wrong place and mess up the sort
order.  I try to not click column headings anymore, but it still
changes.  An option to disable this in settings would work best for

Hi Alan. Why click to bring a window into focus? I'm running the XFCE4 desktop on Centos Linux 5.7, and I have the desktop set so that the window focus follows the mouse pointer. That means as soon as I place my mouse pointer on a window, that automatically brings that window into focus - without me having to click.

Not sure what OS you are running though?

Kind Regards,

Keith Roberts


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