Re: F5/F6 rename functionality removed?!!

Ok. I did some research around, downloaded and compiled sources for version
3.2... and... yay, the functionality did not change indeed. What it means is
that for sure I had some altered version of mc to fix this... I apologize
for this mess. Could be that because of this 'rename' problem I myself
changed sources 10 years ago or so and I just had that version sitting
around for very long time.

Anyway, that is not important, still I'm not able to rename a file because
the ESC shift+6 sequence does not give me anything. Sure, shift+f6 is
acceptable solution for rename, and this could be just problem of a my
terminal(s) but for the connection I do I can't change the terminal
behavior, and I used to use ESC 6.

slaj wrote:

I recently updated my very old installation of MC after many years and I
realized that the F5/F6 functionality was changed.

I know there's rename in place with shift+F6 but the functionality was
also in F6 as the filename was displayed. unfortunately I use term that
does not have F's, so I used to use ESC 6 to rename a file, unfortunately
ESC shift+6 does not work as shift+F6... so the rename functionality is

how to rename a file not using F's but ESC + something?

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