Re: F5/F6 rename functionality

On Thu, Oct 6, 2011 at 6:02 AM, slaj <Marcin Skoczylas pb edu pl> wrote:

Why the HECK you removed rename functionality from F5/F6?!!
What idiot decided to change the F5/F6 window to not show the file name!!!
I've just updated MC after many years to see that developers are destroying
this gem! Sorry to say!! I would prefer that MC development was stalled if
you are going to make it worse with these new versions!
Sorry, but sincerely this made me really angry. Please fix this ASAP, the
most important feature of MC!!

It works fine for me, same as always. A more useful message would have
at least included what version of MC and what operating system, if you
build it yourself, do you use curses or slang, did you start with
fresh config files when you upgraded, etc.

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