Re: mc Digest, Vol 85, Issue 1

Yes, it's natural that somebody who's worked for thousands of
hours making the app. which we install, wants it to be located
in the 'front row': dir-tree-wise; but we want it to work from
the back-room, since it hasn't even proved itself yet.

Re. 'mouse-draggers', I think cartoon-clikers is more
By far the best system I use is ETH-Oberon, which uses 3-button
mouse-chording: where I don't need to keep bobbing my head up
and down between the screen and keybrd. Heads-up-flying for
fighter pilots is a great productivety improver. Even after
typing for 50 years, I'm not a concert-pianist; especially with
the F-keys and combinations which were not intended originally.

This FC1>kde>mc>mcedit has a M$-wizardy-type feature, which
annoys me. Whenever I cut a "http://"; for later pasteing,
a 'wizard pops up' <can I fetch this webpage for you now sir>.
I don't know if it's in mcedit or mc or kde or ...

== Chris Glur.

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