Re: Unity redefines F10

[Yury V. Zaytsev, 2011-04-30]
On Sat, 2011-04-30 at 09:27 +0200, Piotr Ozarowski wrote:
yeah, I don't understand why they all do not include mc even in the "<=
200 MiB" installations. The system is not usable without mc after all.

Hi Piotr!

Actually, do you know what are the criteria in place for making the
selection? The popcon data or what? 

for essential packages? Well, you have to convince other developers that
this package really is essential (and guys that use Debian on embedded
devices will make sure every kibibyte is not wasted, so it's not an
easy task).

Popcon data is used to decide on which CD/DVD/Blu-Ray the package will
end on (mc is on CD-5/DVD-1/BD-1). It's not used to decide if package
will be installed by default or not (although f.e.
gnome-desktop-environment package's maintainers can use it to decide
which package will be installed if user wants to have GNOME on his
I've seen people filling a whishlist bug against Ubuntu, but given that
these distro bastards are consistently making the system less usable by
keyboard people to the benefit of mouse draggers (one recent achievement
was a brilliant change in the /etc/inputrc, which hasn't been modified
for years!), I think there is little chance it will ever get there...

well, I use Awesome window manager so I don't have to care about mouse

anyway, I don't know why people bother so much about what is installed
by default and what is not. Isn't it better to decide yourself what you
want? In Debian, you can create preseed file once and later use it
every time you have to use an installer (i.e. when you buy new hardware)
or create your own install CD using live-build (or its online frontendÂ
if you don't have access to Debian) - I'm sure other distros have
similar solutions.

[Â] `echo "d-i pkgsel/include string mc htop vim" > /var/www/preseed`
    should be enough, see
    for more
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