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On Sat, 22 Jan 2011, Fr. Robert Bower wrote:

To: mc gnome org
From: Fr. Robert Bower <frrobert batushkas com>
Subject: sftp

I am trying to connect with sftp in Midnight commander.

When I connect with the shell link that is when the problem starts.

If you want to use mc to connect using sftp, then you will need to use the F9 -> FTP link.

That will open a window, saying:

┌── FTP to machine ─────────┐
    Enter machine name (F1 for details):

The format for doing an FTP link from mc is this:

  /#ftp:[!][user[:pass] ]machine[:port][remote-dir]

The user, port and remote-dir elements are optional.
If you specify the user element, the Midnight
Commander will login to the remote machine as that user,
otherwise it will use anonymous login or the login name
from the /opt ~/.netrc file. The optional pass element is the password used for the connection.

So you will need something like this:

/#ftp:user-name:user-password ftp-host com

I use mc with the F9 ->FTP login to connect to remote machines, and transfer files to and from the remote machine.

The version is mc-4.6.1a-35.el5 on Centos 5.5




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