Re: Midnight Commander is my favorite FTP tool But is SFTP possible??

It would appear that on Aug 6, slava zanko did say:

we have branch 1535_sftp, currently branch is incomplete, but I hope
stfp-functionality will be included in main branch  in not so far

It would appear that on Aug 6, Yury V. Zaytsev did say:

Support for SFTP is being worked on right now by Ilya. I don't have any
ETAs, but there is code that is already functional in git, so it will be
shipped at some point.

It would appear that on Aug 6, Keith Roberts did say:

I'm not sure what platform you are on, but while you are waiting there is gFTP
for Linux that supports FTPS, and on Windows there is WinSCP.

It's kind of a moot point for me at the moment since the only place I'd
want to use it for won't consider allowing secure sftp connections... I
wouldn't care if I didn't have to use my primary account password when
logging in with an insecure ftp session. 

AS it is when I'm ready to make changes in my "personal web space" I'm
going to have the entire file tree working locally with relative addressing
in the index.html. Then I'll us mc to <F5> copy the entire relative tree to
my "public" folder in ftp session in the other panel... Right afterwards
I'll make their tech help change my primary account password. Still someday
I'll have a valid use again for sftp, and it's good to know that by them my
favorite file management software may {by then} be all I need to use it...

Thanks for the info guys

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