#6) Sorry to post mailtest(s) but lately my post don't get there...

gmane.comp.gnome.apps.mc.general is read only so must post via Mc gnome org

For this attempt I've added a mc subscription to my isp provided email address
This it the first attempt with that subscribed address...

I'd think I was somehow no longer subscribed but the subscriber options
page at http://mail.gnome.org/mailman/listinfo/mc still recognizes my
password... But somehow it seems my messages are not getting posted
anymore. Or at least they are not making it to gmame's mirror at:

IF I don't see this message on gmane, I'll try editing my subscription to
turn email delivery on and then resend. If that don't work then I may have
to unsubscribe and then try resubscribing with a fresh profile. If that
fails I'll probably just cry...

|  ~^~   ~^~
|  <?>   <?>       Joe (theWordy) Philbrook
|      ^                J(tWdy)P
|    \___/         <<jtwdyp ttlc net>>

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