Re: mc Digest, Vol 88, Issue 3

Syntax-HiLiteing is great.
Going the extras step to menu-template programming is worth investigating.
But I got distracted going so.
How can you live without ` Ctrl u`, which I use ten times a day?
LH2:short-format, recentct-ordered to fit-in many, but no date shown.
This is the stak equivalent. Most recent files are most accessed.
RHS: long-format shows date, ordereed alphabetically.
If you want to see the 'date' of eg. the 3rd file of LHS,
just swap the panels, so the recentcy-ordered ones
go to the RHS.
Only after `Ctrl r` or an access in the new side, do the
files rearrange to the new order.
So, just `Ctrl u` back to working on the 'stak' side, now that
you've found the date of that file.
It's a long story to describe, but 2 keystrokes to do.

== Chris Glur.

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