Re: #7) Sorry to post mailtest(s) but lately my post don't get there...

On Sat, 6 Aug 2011, Joe(theWordy)Philbrook wrote:

To: Mc gnome org
From: "Joe(theWordy)Philbrook" <jtwdyp gmx com>
Subject: #7) Sorry to post mailtest(s) but lately my post don't get there... is read only so must post via Mc gnome org

For this attempt I've added a mc subscription to my new freemail email address
This it the first attempt with that subscribed address...

I'd think I was somehow no longer subscribed but the subscriber options
page at still recognizes my
password... But somehow it seems my messages are not getting posted
anymore. Or at least they are not making it to gmame's mirror at:

IF I don't see this message on gmane, I'll try editing my subscription to
turn email delivery on and then resend. If that don't work then I may have
to unsubscribe and then try resubscribing with a fresh profile. If that
fails I'll probably just cry...

Do you get any bounces from the list, saying your emails to this list cannot be delivered?

There have been problems for some of us trying to post to this list, as for some strange reason * gnome org started to use the UCEprotect service to filter out spam to their email lists. My ISP and some others were blocked from posting to mc gnome org list for several weeks. However the problem appears to be sorted for myself now - not sure about others on the list that had this problem though.

Kind Regards,

Keith Roberts


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