Re: Specifiying a skin in ini

Andrew Borodin wrote:
On Thu, 07 Oct 2010 17:04:08 +0100 Paul Marwick wrote:
Is the directive position sensitive in the ini?
Yes. The skin= key must be located in main [Midnight-Commander] section.

I've tried to setup a skin in ~/.mc/ini using several ways:

1) skin=gotar
2) skin=gotar.ini
3) skin=/usr/share/mc/skins/gotar.ini

Everything works fine for me.

Strange. I've got this:


in my user ~/.mc/ini and that doesn't work either - I'm getting the default skin even as a normal user.
Are you interested in specific environmet variables?
If you use "su" to be a root, you might get a home directory for user
not for root:

[andrew myhost ~]$ su -c 'echo $HOME'
[andrew myhost ~]$ su - -c 'echo $HOME'

Right. I'm reasonably sure that isn't the problem - I've tried logging into a console directly as root and get the same result.

I've tried this with my own 4.7.4 build and also with the standard Slackware version (20100509_git). Same problem with both versions. I'll have to build the latest stable version and see how that works. Only other thing I can think of is there is something different in Slackware or Slack derived distros that is upsetting it, which seems unlikely.


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