Re: Glitches with MC on slackware 13.0

On Mon, Jan 18, 2010 at 03:31:21PM -0900, Tim Johnson wrote:
* Stan. S. Krupoderov <pashelper mail ru> [100117 20:22]:
Yeah, there are a few:
1)C-h doesn't work as a backspace key.
  Any ideas on how to enable it

Note: The MC I am referring came with the stock slackware install.
C-h works perfect, in mc 4.7.0.*

 I installed 4.7. The hotlist now appears to configure and display
 However, C-h still does not work. Could there be a MC configuration
 option that could be causing this?
 Also, I notice a 'n at the very top and left of each panel.
 What is that for?

It's sort order ("'" - asc, "," - desc, IIRC) and column name (n mean by

Please use latest stable version or report bugs to your distro
  Would you recommend that I report the problem with C-h as a bug?
  Other control-key combinations work. I have modified mc.keymap
  with no success:
  InputBackwardDelete = backspace; ctrl-h 
  ;; backspace works, still no ctrl-h
  InputBackwardDelete = ctrl-h 
  ;; :( no back delete at all

It works for me without any additional bindings in mc.keymap.
Did you try it in another terminal emulator? 
(For me: konsole and urxv-unicode works properly, xterm - fail).
If you sure this is not terminal issue feel free to report 
bug in mc.

Stan. S. Krupoderov 

(let ((*PRINT-BASE* 36))
(format T "~A ~A ~A" 71373391685091 27913917 16438))

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