Re: mcedit syntax highlighting

If you want to use a syntax highlighting not made available yet, you have to add an entry at the file 'Syntax' -- so copy to ~/.mc/cedit and do it.

If you want to change syntax highlighting for maybe c -- copy c.syntax into the same directory (~/.mc/cedit) and play around.

Note that mc (or maybe mcedit) has to be restarted to take effect and that at 'Syntax' as well as at the '*.syntax' files itself, first match rules (if '<' is matched '<=' will miss). Not so easy, but extending or altering step by step will be a good start.

Things change today, as for instance mc.ext (defines associations of filetypes and actions) is also possible to copy to ~/.mc and /etc/mc comes to use but file names stay.


Michelle Konzack wrote:
Hello Keith Roberts,

Am 2010-08-21 19:54:36, hacktest Du folgendes herunter:
What about copying ALL the mc syntax files to the user's
~/.mc/cedit/Syntax directory? Does that work?

This is what I have done. and it works flawless, but if you have a major
update of mc which adds new Syntaxfiles, you have to care about it.

That makes perfect sense to me Michelle. So each user can have their
own custom versions of the mc syntax files. As they are in the
user's home directory, they would not get overwritten when there is
an update to mc.


However, I do not recommend copying the files (at the very first startup
of MC) to the users ~/.mc/cedit/ since it could  lead  to  problems with
updated exspecialy with less experienced users.

Thanks, Greetings and nice Day/Evening
    Michelle Konzack


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