Re: mcedit syntax highlighting

On Thu, 19 Aug 2010, StanisÅaw Findeisen wrote:

To: mc gnome org
From: StanisÅaw Findeisen <stf eisenbits homelinux net>
Subject: mcedit syntax highlighting


I have a horrible syntax highlighting when editing C files with mcedit.
It hurts my eyes.

How can this be fixed? For instance I'd prefer #includes and #defines to
be light green rather than red.



Well you don't say which OS platform you are using. On Fedora 12 mcedit's syntax files are under,


If you edit your syntax files, be sure to make backup copies somewhere. Because when mc is updated, it WILL overwrite all you edits to your mc syntax files.

I can always tell when there's an update to mc, because my colors are way off what I like them to be.

There may be an update to mc soon, to tell mc where to look for the syntax files. So if you edit them in that location, they will not be overwritten during the next update.

Kind Regards,

Keith Roberts


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