Re: mc 4.7.0pre3 support for .tlz archives

On Wed, 28 Oct 2009, Helmut Hullen wrote:

Hallo, Theodore,

Du meintest am 27.10.09 zum Thema Re: mc 4.7.0pre3 support for .tlz archives:

Does anyone happen to know if similar procedures will open a
Slackware .txz file or not?

Slackware 13's mc works fine with .txz packages.

I am running Slackware-current right now, as I said. And the mc
package which is installed is mc-20090714_git-i486-1.txz, dated July
14. It will _not_ open a txz file out of the box. So, are you saying
it can be thus configured in the extension file?

Does "installpkg" work with *.txz packages (it should, of course).

Viele Gruesse!

Of course it does. But the question from here is about how to set up MC to do the kinds of things with .txz files which it can do with .tgz files. These include at least the following:

1. F3 shows the directory structure inside the tarball.
2. Enter opens up the filesystem of the tarball, and such things can be done as to view what is in them, to copy individual files or subdirectories out of the tarball, and such.
3. F2 followed by x will extract the contents

and so on.

As I said, these things may very well be possible to set up. But none of them currently work.

Theodore Kilgore

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