Re: Problems in the virtual terminal on an Asus eeePC

On Wednesday 14 January 2009, you wrote:
I have not decided what to do about the distro on it. I don't like Xandros
very much after seeing it in action, but underneath the funny GUI there
actually is a Linux system underneath. 
Hey, my main File Manager is MC :-) I have as little to do with the desktop
as I can. Thus my transitioned was eased.
My wife oohed and aahed over it. 
It is a cute little thing after all... My son, who is an accountant
 and a Windows user just got one too - he took to it like a Duck to water.
 I think Xandros is designed for Windoze user$.

She is put off by my down-to-the-metal Slackware and my refusal to use a
fancy desktop (I use a rather individualistically configured FVWM
  I transitioned from Slack to Debian almost two years ago when I got my
  latest workstation. _couldn't_ get Debian to install 'cuz hardware 
problems.. went to ubuntu, which uses same apt-get system. I like it,
but it is not as stable as Slack (and Debian too, I'd bet) and to make a long 
story short, I like the way updates work.

I don't want to get too far off-topic, but wanted to mention that Xandros 
doesn't make the same usage of rc* files and init.d. Some gotchas there..

(who is thinking about fvwm and is not opposed to OTL emails about the Asus)

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