Re: Why does posting to gmane's usenet mirror want login?

It would appear that on Dec 17, Yury V. Zaytsev did say:

You'd better ask the administrators of your usenet gate. 
mc-rDKQcyrBJuzYtjvyW6yDsg public gmane org is
a mailing list and supposed to be used this way, we've nothing to do
with unofficial gateways around & their rules / problems.

Yeah, That is my next step. It's not problematic anyway. It's just that
when I reply to a message from the usenet mirror alpine wants to send it to
the usenet group. All I gotta do is add Mc gnome org to the To: field and
delete the newsgroup header entry...

I asked here first for two reasons: Not only did I want to know if by
chance it had something to do with a policy set by this list, but I also
needed to post another message the same way to see if the problem was 
just a fluke.  

Now I gotta figure out where at gmane to ask about it...


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