Re: Latest Mc and Rxvt

On Tue, Aug 04, 2009 at 09:39:19AM -0400, A. Zimmer wrote:

I have a problem with the latest release of mc on my Linux Gentoo

With the release of 2.7.0_pre1, mc no longer works with rxvt as
an X Window terminal.  The problem, I suspect, is the native Unicode
mode of 2.7.0_pre1.  In rxvt, the panel layout cannot be constructed
with the Unicode characters.  (Xterm, if compiled with Unicode support,
does not have this trouble.)

With previous versions of mc, up to 2.6.2, Unicode could be disabled
at compile time and then rxvt could construct the panel layout boxes.

Is there some way to get mc to work correctly with rxvt again, or do
I need to stay with earlier versions?

What build/configure options do you use?
What's your locale settings?

Did you built it from official portages?
Did you try another non unicode terminals?

Stab. S. Krupoderov

(let ((*PRINT-BASE* 36))
(format T "~A ~A ~A" 71373391685091 27913917 16438))

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