Re: Ctrl-T for the encoding selection?

On Sat, August 1, 2009 16:58, Lee Bigelow wrote:
I just compiled and ran the new mc-4.7.0-pre1 and for few seconds was
a little freaked out when Ctrl-T didn't tag. I know you can use Insert to
tag files, but the Insert key on my laptop keyboard is, well,
inconvenient. Maybe you could use Ctrl-Shift-T as the encoding selector?

I would vote for this as well, however, if c-t is going to stay
this new way I am not going to commit suicide either. I'll just
re-educate myself and that's about it.

For me it is more convenient to have as much bindings as
possible in the standard keyboard, without having to move my hands
to the keypad to press Insert just to select a file. The select
functionality will usually be more used than the charset one so it
makes sense to keep it more accessible. However, it's also true that
"more accessible" means a different thing for different persons.

Whatever the final decision is I will be happy, all in all 4.7
seems like a solid release with a lot of expected features. So
I have to thank all the mc devs and contributors for making it

Jesús Guerrero

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