Re: Latest Mc and Rxvt

On Wed, 5 Aug 2009 19:56:14 +0400
"Stan. S. Krupoderov" <pashelper mail ru> wrote:

Ticket for your problem created [1], but I can't 
reproduce it. rxvt works ok with rxvt for me
either UTF-8 and yet another 8-bit locale/charset
(koi8-r in my case).

Describe in detail your problem in bug tracker if you can.

I did not create the ticket, so I have no account in bug tracker
and cannot comment.

But here is the story.  I compile rxvt-2.7.10 with the configure options:

--enable-rxvt-scroll  (that's all)

Then I compile mc-2.7.0-pre1 with the configure options:

--disable-doxygen-doc --disable-nls --enable-charset --with-x 
--with-search-engine=pcre --with-screen=slang --disable-netcode

Then, executing mc in an rxvt terminal under X Window, I get the
following result.  See the link for a screen capture PNG image:

On previous versions on mc, I would get this result if Unicode was
enabled and could fix it by disabling Unicode.  But with mc-2.7.0
there is no way to disable Unicode.

A Zimmer

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