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Le Sun, 30 Mar 2008 16:01:30 +0200,
Frank Dietrich <ABLEsoft gmx de> a Ãcrit :

Hi Dominique,

Dominique Michel <dominique michel citycable ch> wrote:
I am very happy with mc as filemanager, but I have a problem when
lauching some of my local html files. When the filename or the path
contain a space, I just get an error message from firefox, and the
URL it is traying to load is stopping at the first space.

Which linux distribution and mc version do you use?

Sorry, I forget. I use gentoo and mc 4.6.1-r4 from portage. With my USE flags,
it install an UTF-8 patch.
I use Debian Lenny and mc 4.6.2-pre1 and there is not problem with
blanks in filename.

That's what I have in the ~/.mc/bindings file

# html
        Open=run-mailcap  %f 2>&1 &

I have 

# html
        Open=(if test -n "gnome-moz-remote" && test -n "$DISPLAY"; then
(gnome-moz-remote file://%d/%p &) 1>&2; else links %f || lynx -force_html %f ||
${PAGER:-more} %f; fi) 2>/dev/null

I also try:

        Open=(firefox "%d%p") 1>&2 &


        Open=firefox "%f" 1>&2 &

I also try with and without double quotes around %f and %d%p. And with and
without the 1>&2 & part.

In all cases, the url break at the first space. I try with image files and the
same syntax for comix and it work just fine with spaces in the name or the path.

        Open=comix %f

But I am not sure that the problem reside with mc, because I get exactly the
same false behaviour if I run into the console:

firefox "/path to the/file with some space.html"

I just done a google search, and it appear that space in filename are not valid
on the web. But local files do have another standard. It appear too that this
is a well know problem and that the only solution at that time are to switch to
another browser or to remove the space(s) from the filename.

So, I am sorry for the noise.



Dominique Michel

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