Re: dar support in MC later than 4.6.1?

Hi Guus

G Jansman wrote:

Looks like Midnight Commander does not accept the time information anymore.

The easiest way to fix this (quick and dirty):
Add the following line to your udar file just after the line "name=substr(line, ...)" (likely to be found in /usr/share/mc/extfs):

This way no time information is displayed (0:00 is assumed). A better solution is probably possible though.

:) A better solution may be possible, but this one works just fine for the moment, anyway.

Many thanks. I've now got a working build of mc-4.6.2-pre1 with both Dar and LZMA support. Great...

Seems a little strange that Midnight Commander doesn't accept the time information. I wonder why the change was made.

Regards, Paul.

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