RE: dar support in MC later than 4.6.1?

Hello Paul,

Looks like Midnight Commander does not accept the time information anymore.

The easiest way to fix this (quick and dirty):
Add the following line to your udar file just after the line "name=substr(line, ...)" (likely to be found in /usr/share/mc/extfs):

This way no time information is displayed (0:00 is assumed). A better solution is probably possible though.


> Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2008 13:18:58 +0100
> From: paulm waitrose com
> To: mc gnome org
> Subject: dar support in MC later than 4.6.1?
> I've been using the dar support plugin for MC produced by Guus Jansman
> for quite a while. Very useful, since I use dar for a number of backups.
> It works pretty well under 4.6.1. However, under any version later than
> that ( mc-4.6.1_20070309 and 4.6.2-pre1) the behavior of the plugin has
> changed. Now it presents a long list of directories (preceded by a
> number of zeros), and while I can traverse the directory structure, I
> cannot view or extract any files, and the display doesn't make much sense.
> Does anyone know of an update for the plugin? Or know how the existing
> plugin can be fixed? I'd really like to update to a more recent version
> of MC, but I need the dar support...
> I've had a look through the mailing list archives, but haven't found
> anything relevant to this problem, so I guess not too many people use
> dar suppor, but I would be most grateful for any pointers.
> Paul.
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