Re: missing line drawing in latest freebsd port

The exact procedure on freebsd is to set these two options:
[ ] UTF8    Build with UTF8 support
[ ] SLANG    Build with SLang library

Then, according to the following chunk of the makefile,
.if defined(WITH_UTF8)
LIB_DEPENDS+=   slang.2:${PORTSDIR}/devel/libslang2
.elif !defined(WITH_SLANG) && (defined(WITHOUT_SLANG) || defined(MINIMAL))

the following setting is parametrized:
--with-screen=LIB        Compile with screen library: slang, mcslang
or ncurses [slang if found, else mcslang]

the following table lists the possible combinations and the outcomes.
All were tested by both a native terminal and a PuTTY(tray) client:
none -> ncurses -> works
SLANG only ->mcslang -> works
UTF8 -> slang -> doesn't work

All three build logs are attached. Hope I haven't missed anything.

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