Re: Mc Digest, Vol 56, Issue 4

RE: Re-arrarange dir-hot-list ?

Leandro Chescotta wrote:--------
I just edit the /.mc/hotlist file in my home folder and rearrange the
 order of the dirs there
Yes, I found that method better for the user defined macros.
But I wanted also to see if/why the help or me wan't working.

Since the hot-list-file-format is:
ENTRY "<name>" URL "<dir>"
where one of my entries is:
ENTRY "/mnt/cdrom/Legal" URL "/mnt/cdrom/Legal"
I'm wondering what mechanism mc uses to 'view' eg.

Since my dial-up costs are high, I can't afford to experiment.

BTW. related to the macro-file, is there a good reason why we can't
write & use a macro to do:
 Search <string1> & ReplaceWith<string2>
It stops in the macro, to [re] ask for the string/s ??


== Chris Glur.

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