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Chris Glur wrote:

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From: Chris Glur <easlab absamail co za>
Subject: Re-arrarange dir-hot-list ?

After over 10 years of regularly using mc,
I've only recently learned to use the very usefull

Because I'm putting a lot of entries in this list, I'd
like to be able to move the 'most current' to the
The <F1>/help doesn't explain the facilities:
" [ New Group ]  [ New Entry ]  [ Remove ]  [ Move ]"
and I don't want to browse/experiment because I've
got too much serious work loaded on the machine,
to afford 'going off the tracks'.

Please someone explain if/how to re-sort the


== Chris Glur.

do Ctrl-\, highlight the directory you want to move. Hit the [Move] button, and you will get a status line saying:

"Moving /dir/you/just/highlighted/to/move"

at the top of the Directory Hotlist pane.

You can now move the highlight again to where you want to move the directory entry.

Hit return, and the directory listing will be moved to *below* the hightlighted entry.

If you want to move a directory listing to the very top of the directory Hotlist, you will have to move the directory entry above it down. So it will take two moves to get the directory listing to the top, if it's not second from the top already.


Keith Roberts


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