Re: Possible to code in mpq-support?


On Tue, 2007-11-06 at 16:16 +0100, Sam wrote:
Greetings, although it's  filetype that is mostly used in windows, i 
wanted to ask if someone could add support for the r *M*ike *O'*Brien 
*Pack*, format short mpq.
There is already a plugin for totalcommander under windows, and a 
wonderful archiver running under windows as well , which you can find  
together with a c++ library supporting this format under , some documentation and 
links are  listed in the wikipedia-page .
I think it would be a nice addition for  example for all those people 
like me, that want to mess with and look through the archives delivered 
by blizzard with their famous games without having to use wine or even 
reboot to nasty windows.

You don't have to use Windows.  A quick look for mpq on Google finds
mpq-tools at

Midnight Commander could support extracting mpq archives using
mpq-tools, although I think mpq is too obscure to add its support to the
mc distribution.

If you are suggesting that mc should implement mpq support internally, I
think it's an insane idea.  Nobody will do it.

Pavel Roskin

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