Re: Why is mc since 4.6 shiped with a striped doen html.syntax?

Hello Michelle,

On Thu, 2007-05-24 at 19:25 +0200, Michelle Konzack wrote:
Hello Pavel,

Am 2007-05-18 13:53:44, schrieb Pavel Roskin:
Please make sure you don't revert any later changes (revisions 1.5 and
1.6).  And it would be great if you use the complete list of valid HTML
tags from the latest standard.

What dou you mean with 1.5 nd 1.6?

I mean CVS revisions, which can be shown by "cvs log html.syntax" run in
the syntax subdirectory of the mc working directory.

Revision 1.5 removes color codes for Cooledit.  They were unused by mc
and therefore untested.

Placing your attachment on CVS would those codes.  That's not how it
should be done.  Ideally, all changes should be submitted as patches to
ensure that there are no unintended changes.  And if the change is
massive, it's essential that you start with the current version, not
with some historic version.

Revision 1.6 has following description: "Attribute values may also be
delimited by single quotes."  That may actually affect how mc shows HTML
files.  If you are reverting that change, please be prepared to justify

The one I have attached, I have gotten for years and used up to now.

I don't doubt that it's usable, but it's unfair to others to discard
their later changes.

And yes, I checked <> for the latest standard but I am a
little bit confused and I have not found a list of all currently
legal tags and there options.

That's the reason we don't have those tags in mc now.  It requires work,
and nobody has done that work.

Since I am writing my WHOLE website with mc (html + php) I am realy
interested in having a perfect html.syntax. :-)

Then please start with the current CVS revision and add what you need to
add to comply with the standards.

Pavel Roskin

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