Re: Thank you to the author of MC

Willie McKemie wrote:

without mc I'd not likely be using Linux. It's no mere
crutch, but rather foundation. Distro packagers who don't include it in
default installs are fools.

I agree. That would be Ubuntu. I use Ubuntu almost exclusively now. The first thing I do on a fresh install is use vi (terrible unintuitive thing that it is) to edit /etc/apt/sources.list. Then install mc. Then, I can easily edit other files needing customization.

Please add my name too. mc is my favorite shell command :-)
Without mc there would be *much* harder to use Linux for me.

What we can do to promote mc more, help other beginners
to see the light? And lobby to make mc included by default?

Peter Masiar

A: Because it messes up the flow of reading.
Q: Why is top-posting often frowned upon?

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