[solved] Re: CTRL-ENTER / ALT-ENTER does not work under Gnome


Frank Dietrich <ABLEsoft gmx de> wrote:
when I use mc under Gnome, on a Debian Etch box, the key
combination CTRL-ENTER / ALT-ENTER does not work. The selected
filename is not copied to the command line. 
Are you using gnome-terminal ? 
No I use mrxvt. And I use the same settings like under Sarge. Under
Sarge it works.

The solution is to uncomment in the /etc/mrxvt/mrxvtrc the line
Mrxvt.macro.Alt+Return:           Str \e\012

Now I can work like before I switch from Debian Sarge to Etch. ;)

Is there life before coffee?

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