Re: CTRL-ENTER / ALT-ENTER does not work under Gnome

Hi Pavel,

"Pavel Tsekov" <ptsekov gmx net> wrote:
Datum: Fri, 27 Jul 2007 01:34:49 +0200
Von: Frank Dietrich
when I use mc under Gnome, on a Debian Etch box, the key
combination CTRL-ENTER / ALT-ENTER does not work. The selected
filename is not copied to the command line. On a normal console
session it works. Is there a setting in mc or Gnome which I need
to change to get it work?
Are you using gnome-terminal ? 

No I use mrxvt. And I use the same settings like under Sarge. Under
Sarge it works.

If so it is likely that uses the shortcut for it own needs. To
check that select Edit -> Keyboard Shortcuts... from the menu and
either change the shortcut or disable it.

In a gnome-terminal session at least ALT-ENTER works. 
I now compared all settings for gnome-terminal between the Sarge and
Etch installation, they are identically. Pressing CTRL-ENTER acts like
a normal ENTER key.
How can I find out if this problem is related to mc or Gnome or the

No one ever says, "I can't read that ASCII Email you sent me."

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