Re: CTRL-ENTER / ALT-ENTER does not work under Gnome


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Datum: Fri, 27 Jul 2007 01:34:49 +0200
Von: Frank Dietrich
Betreff: CTRL-ENTER / ALT-ENTER does not work under Gnome

when I use mc under Gnome, on a Debian Etch box, the key combination
CTRL-ENTER / ALT-ENTER does not work. The selected filename is not
copied to the command line. On a normal console session it works. 
Is there a setting in mc or Gnome which I need to change to get it

Are you using gnome-terminal ? If so it is likely that uses the shortcut for it own needs. To check that 
select Edit -> Keyboard Shortcuts... from the menu and either change the shortcut or disable it.

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