Re: Dar (disk archive) plugin

hi Guus,
Hi Stefan,

yes, the 'dar' extfs plugin works fine!  That's exactly what I was
looking for.  Good work, many thanks.
I'm happy that you like the plugin.

I noticed it's very fast to open (browse) a big dar archive - much
faster than opening an equivalent '.tar.gz'.  When restoring a directory
with many files it's a bit slow, maybe just because mc displays each
file being restored?  Anyway, I can use dar or dar_manager at the
command-line for big restores. Even then, your plugin is a great help to
check first if / where the wanted files are in the archive.
I agree that the most likely cause for the slow restore is the fact that the "copyout" function is called for each separate file (which is basically what you say). The "copyout" function seems to be fast.

I'll do some more tests this week and let you know how they went.  Have
you posted this success in a dar forum?
  I'm sure many of the dar users (few, but smart :-) can profit from
your work.
No, I didn't post anything in a dar forum since I don't use dar personally. You are free to do so though.

My first (successful) restore tests were with dar version 2.2.2.  I
noticed your comment in 'udar' :  'dar version >= 2.3.0' and next tests
will be with 2.3.1.
2.3.0 happened to be the dar version I tested with. Older versions might very well function. I understand the confusion so a better description would be nice. I don't think you have to update dar just for this script.

Just one more question: "# Limitations: # - Block and character special
files are not handled".  Could you explain this a bit?  I found a
description for "Block special files" at , but not sure if that's
what you mean.
Yes, that's what I mean. Examples under Linux are /dev/hda1 (block) and /dev/ttyS0 (character). New special files can be created with the mknod command. I'm not sure anymore why block and character special files are not supported by my script. It might be a dar limitation but it might just as well be laziness from my side. I don't think these files are stored in dar files often anyway.

cheers, Stefan


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