Re: Terminal answers

Thank you very much for the information, it's useful.

I've noticed something curious: none of the terminals I tested send
anything different for Ctrl+Enter, yet mc can tell, but only if you're
not using it via SSH. Does mc read local scancodes if possible, or
something similar? (If so, it'd be great to have some kind of mc
--local that will use all keys properly in all cases when ran in the
local terminal.)

I also noticed terminals (at least the ones I tried) use ^[ as Esc,
and ^[xxx for all other non-printable keys. This has the very
undesirable effect of making Esc a dead key (for which mc has a fix,
but a delay of 1 second is far too much; I'd rather have 0 seconds).
This also has the effect that Alt+<letter> is the same as Esc
<letter>. Are there any terminals that will handle Esc differently, so
that it becomes a real key you can just use normally?


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