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On Tue, 26 Sep 2006, karl kappel segmueller de wrote:

On Mon, 25 Sep 2006, karl kappel segmueller de wrote:

Where is the dead symlink located?

In the same directory as the file being edited.

If one user opens a file with mcedit for editing and another user
does the same with mcedit should he get a message about this fact?


The mc version is 4.5.51 wiht RedHat 7.2

That version doesn't support locking. Locking support was
added starting with MC 4.6.0.

I've updated MC to 4.6.0 on the RedHat 7.2 system, but there is still
dead symlink and
no message editing a file already opened by somebody else.
I've tried the same with MC 4.6.1 on a gentoo system, but also no
and no message.

Is there a special option to activate locking support, or is there
something else to do?

Well, maybe you are experiencing the problem described here:

No - it seems not to be the problem - I didn't start the editor from
So I think there must be a kind of bug in the packages I've used (both
RedHat and Gentoo).

That's pretty strange. I'll look at this if I get some spare time. However
is not a priority since the MC source tarball works ok.

If this is the case you have to download the patch and apply it
to your local source and rebuild. Or you can get the latest snapshot
of MC and build it:

Now I have compiled mc-4.6.1 myself and it works fine with locking

One suggestion for the message sent in case of a locking situation:
Default answer is "Grab lock" - I think to have "Ignore lock" as default
would be the better choice.
But this is my personal opinion and I can change the code myself.

There is a patch in the MC patches repository at savannah which
improves the locking scheme a bit. I think it also does something
with the dialog which is presented to the user when a lock is
detected... I'll take a look at it again - it was delayed for quite
some time now.

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