Re: Command line on top of the screen? [PATCH]

On Mon, Oct 02, 2006 at 09:50:35PM +0200, Cristian Rigamonti wrote:

I tried messing around with it, but unfortunately with no results (I'm
definitely not a C programmer).

Ok, after a little more trial and error, I came up with the enclosed patch
(against the current CVS), which allows the user to have the command prompt on
the second line of the screen, rather than at the bottom.

To try it out, just check the new "Command prompt on top" option in the
"Options->Layout" dialog box.

It seems to work fine on my i386 Debian GNU/Linux unstable system, except for
the following bugs:

- The "Options->Layout" dialog box features the new option "command prompt on
  top", but now it lacks the "menuBar visible" option. If you take a look at the
  patch, I've just added the new option and I guess that some other changes are
  needed in layout.c (and perhaps in other files), but I have no idea how to
  proceed (also I couldn't get how the ordering of options is managed).

  I really hope that someone can help me fixing this bug, even if you don't
  accept the patch.

- The keybar line only appears after pressing tab (well, I can live with that)

Of course I may have introduced some other bugs, since I don't know the mc
source code very much (nor C :-), so any help is very welcome!


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