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Hi, Stef 
Use vfs. That is you only need to create a shell/perl script that supports 2 commands: list and copyout. Call 
dar to actually execute them and filter results so 
they meet mc's requirements. 
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On Sun, 19 Mar 2006, Stefan wrote: 
I'd like to know if there are others who would use DAR (DiskARchiver) 
support in MC. 
Yes! There are others like you who need DAR support. This question has 
been asked several times and there is a bugzilla entry on savannah too: 
Unfortunately, so far noone has provided a patch. I guess this feature 
will be implemented at one point but I cannot tell when.... 
I mean, like TAR fs support, just pressing enter on a "file.tar" shows 
you the content. 

I'm using DAR for big daily backups, and this feature in MC would be 
just great for easier restoring. (Kdar crashes often, under cygwin) 

I tried, but I don't know how to create such a plugin.  Any volunteer? 
P.S. Please, do not cross post. 
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