Re: tile orizonzontal vs. vertical


Please don't cross-post.  This question doesn't belong to
mc-devel gnome org already because you didn't specify the mc version,
and I assume it's not the current version from CVS.

On Mon, 2006-01-09 at 23:55 +0100, Stefano Melchior wrote:
Hi list,
I was contacted privately from an Italian mc user who asked a
question: I was embarassed because I have had no answer. I mean I am not
100% sure of the answer.
He asked me if it is possible to tile orizontally the mc windows, instead
of vertically. If so what is the mc_variable or the environment_variable
to set up?

The first place to look for such settings in the user interface.  I
would check Options->Layout.  If an option cannot be set this way,
confider it a hack that is not good enough to be exposed to the end

Of course, if your prefer to deal with standard manuals, you can run
"man mc" and search for likely terms, such as "horizontal" ("orizontal"
would work too).  I see two matches in the manual.

Pavel Roskin

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