Re: Sub-shell (ctrl-o) behavior

Pavel Tsekov wrote:


On Thu, 19 May 2005, GiveMeFish Lists wrote:

Under cygwin and when I telnet to a FreeBSD server, I ctrl-o and can
only see the results of the previous command.  I can't, for example,
type in another command.  As soon as I enter another keystroe, I am
immediately returned to the MC interface.

The subshell feature is disabled by default on Cygwin since it leaves
stale shell processes. I've be plannig to look into this for a long
time but I don't have time to properly debug the issue and it is not a
simple one really. Anyway, if you cannot be bothered by the fact that
subshells are left behind, you can enable the subshell by passing the '-U'
command line switch to mc .


this seems to work for me.  Thanks.

However, I am unclear what is meant by "it leaves stale shell processes". Are there any potential serious consequences?


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