Addressing MC stagnation.


   Thanks for raising this issue up, I think that we should proceed in
various stages to address some of the problems that we have today in mc:

        * The website should move to a Wiki.

          I will have our sysadmins setup a Wiki for MC based on the
          success we have had with Hula, Mono and Beagle.  The use of
          the Wiki means that users can effectively contribute to the
          well state of the project, documentation, tutorials and
          addressing problems that people face.

          Also using the forum feature and discussion is a good way
          of keeping archives easily accessible to everyone.

        * Release-often: MC has not been officially released for a 
          long time.  I propose that the current CVS gets released
          as MC 5.0 and if any issues are found with the release
          we release 5.0.1, 5.0.2 and so on to address these problems.

   For the Wiki, all we need is a domain name (or we can keep it under
the obscure url we can put it on).


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