Some questions


I've been a MC user for years, and I have some questions about the MC
can someone of the developers/maintainers maybe help me out here?
Thanks in advance.

On the homepage of MC i see:
Last stable version: 4.6.0 (released February 5, 2003)
Test version: 4.6.1-pre1 (released December 24, 2003)
And i can see there is lots of activity on the MC mailing lists
so, why there are no new MC releases yet?  A new release would be great!

Looking for a new version, I've seen several comments about the MC devel
shutting down, disbanding, etc. I did even read on some websites that
MC development was completely stalled, that there would be no new
for the moment i'm just confused! what is actually the status of the MC
Is this really happening?  What's the real story?

And who is the current maintainer of MC or which group maintains MC?
Nothing is really listed on the website, so I don't know who to ask

Please let me know, i have been a fan of MC for years now.

Thanks again.

Frank Schoolmeesters

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