Screen refresh problem with mc display of sendmail qf files

Hi all

I have now moved to using Debian Sarge 3.1, following problems with Red
Hat and derivatives since version 8.  Debian is a dramatic improvement for
someone who wants to manage a server in console mode rather than using a
GUI and wants to use utilities such as mc.  Generally I am very impressed
by Debian - especially its package management of binaries and sources.  
However . . .

My current problem is with mc version 4.6.1-pre3 in Debian when viewing
a qf file in the sendmail mail queue.  These files are of type "Non-ISO
extended-ASCII text".  When viewing such files I find that part of the
line drawing display from the normal screen is inserted into a line of the
displayed text, eg:

Starting from this screen (/var/log and /var/spool/mqueue):

| maillog       |4715236|Dec 11 17:14|| qfjBAHdIGb029088|  1264|Dec 11 17:08|
| maillog.1.gz  | 13893K|Dec 11 04:01|| qfjBB9K9Yo004637|  1198|Dec 11 17:13|
| maillog.2.gz  | 13264K|Dec  4 04:01|| qfjBBAFb3s031654|  1294|Dec 11 17:11|
| maillog.3.gz  | 12466K|Nov 27 04:02|| qfjBBF9dbC015110|  1138|Dec 11 17:12|
| maillog.4.gz  | 11887K|Nov 20 04:01|| qfjBBF9eC0015076|  1776|Dec 11 17:12|

and viewing one of the qf files, then the following line of the qf file 
displays four of the line drawing characters from the above screen, eg:

H?P?Return-Path: <.g>                 |                 |      |            |

instead of just:

H?P?Return-Path: <.g>

Any ideas of why this is and if anything can be done about it?  It was
certainly not a problem with mc under old versions of Red Hat.  It looks
as if the screen refresh has failed.  I can understand that there is a 
display problem viewing a binary file, but this is still an ASCII file.


Jim Holland
System Administrator
MANGO - Zimbabwe's non-profit e-mail service

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