subshell and kernel problem

I encoutered a problem with mc after compiling my own minimal 2.4.22
kernel (for audio purpouse) under a Debian Sid. If I try to enter in a
ubshell with CTRL+o I see the following text:

  [anto fulmine]:~$ mc
  subshell.c: couldn't open master side of pty
                                              pty_open_master: No such
  file or directory

I get this message also by root, both under X or under console and so I
can't use the subshell. With the precompiled Debian kernel all works
fine, so I impute this issue to a bad kernel configuration.

I had in the kernel configuration, section Character Devices:
[*] Virtual terminal

[*]   Support for console on virtual terminal

and I tried to activate also:
[*] Unix98 PTY support
(256) Maximum number of Unix98 PTYs in use (0-2048)

but nothing changes, and now I don't know what other voice can be
related to this problem.

Does someone can suggest me anythink?

Thanks in advance.



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