Re: Mc Digest, Vol 4, Issue 3


   Is there a way to have only ONE panel in MC?  I
searched but couldn't seem to find this option, and I am
unable to specify Options->Layout->Panel Split to fully
hide one of the panels?  I find that when viewing
directories with many files I would prefer to see as many
files as possible.  Perhaps then toggling to another view
with two panels when copying and such.

Just press <ESC> T, and you have your one panel. But that is
propably not exactly what you want. I don't think there's a
multi-column one-panel mode in mc-4.6. You may fill out a
bug report on this, but I guess it won't get a priority too
high. ;) I like the idea.

I must agree that it'd be very nice to have a single-pane mode
with a wide name field and the usual size and mtime fields far
right. I do quite often deal with file names longer than 37
chars, being an avid reader of fanfic.

You can customize the panel view to fit your needs. You can find 
the settings in the Menu: "Left->Listing mode ..." and 
"Right->Listing mode ..., respectively  (e.g. user defined: full 
type,name,|,size). Then you can switch the mode in the usual 
manner with <ALT> T.


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