Re: No subshell in Rational ClearCase environment

On Fri, 9 Apr 2004 elek76 arcor de wrote:

I found the following error at work recently:

System is:
Linux bunox016 2.4.18-19.7.xsmp #1 SMP Thu Dec 12 07:56:58 EST 2002 i686 unknown

$ mc -V
GNU Midnight Commander 4.6.0
Virtual File System: tarfs, extfs, cpiofs, ftpfs, fish, undelfs
With builtin Editor
Using system-installed S-Lang library with terminfo database
With subshell support as default
With support for background operations
With mouse support on xterm and Linux console
With support for X11 events
With internationalization support

We use Rational Clearcase for concurrent version management. This tool uses so-called views that can be 
defined in text files and started with a command. When a view is started, the tool opens a new shell. If I 
start mc in this new shell, I have no subshell. mc prints the following error message:

subshell.c: couldn't open master side of pty
pty_open_master: Exec format error

I believe glibc comes with a suid program "pt_chown" that is used as
fallback to change permissions of the slave pty.  That program is probably
missing or doesn't have correct permissions.

Maybe ClearCase uses chroot, and what is seen as /dev/pts under ClearCase
is not mounted.  Try mounting /dev/pts under ClearCase is it's possible.
Try finding pt_chown and find out why it fails.

Pavel Roskin

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