Re: image association in lib/

On Mon, 16 Feb 2004, Marcel Pol wrote:

The extension for image files is associated with ee in lib/
This is old Gnome 1 software, and I would consider it obsolete.

It's included with Debian unstable and it's linked with gtk 2.  However,
it spits 5 GdkPixbuf-CRITICAL warnings on startup (assertion failures no
less), which is not nice.

Mandrake doesn't have it included anymore for example. Could this be
changed to display (ImageMagick)? Patch is attached for 4.6.0, I saw
4.6.1-pre1 still has it set to ee as well. Alternatively it could be set
to gqview, which is also a great image viewer, and still lightweight.

OK, I've changed it to gqview.  The reason is that ee and gqview are
likely to support the same formats because they use the same libraries.
Pavel Roskin

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